Friday, 11 January 2013


people go on vacation. their experience is beach, alcohol, people, culture, things. they buy expensive meals and tourism t-shirts. they take their designer ice cream cones (paletas are 100x better but to each his own) to the zocalo and watch a ridiculously talented guitarist, maybe even take a video to keep forever as an homage to the moment. they marvel over the artesania, they take photos, they make video, they are utterly enchanted. then they walk away, having taken all and left nothing. those moments are what made their vacation. those songs and dolls they will remember through the images they have captured. not the cookie cutter, often toned down and americanized meals. not the generic t-shirts, often super cheesy and unattractive. sadly, they don't consider for a moment that someone is trying to make a living on creating those moments for them. they might not even see that someone as a person, having taken on the systemaic lingo used to judge/exclude/ostracize anyone different, to discourage critical thinking, words such as hippie or bum, gypsy or vagabond. labels that if you begin to dissect have utterly no meaning, fall apart at the seams, having been formed by such valueless ideals.
these ideals create dual labels, words such as sheep, square, gringo, conformist. they create borders and frames, boxes and lines, encourage order, drawing inside the lines, being the same, not thinking too much. alcohol. pharmaceuticals. coca-cola. chemicals. fabrications. constructions of a reality that barely even exists. a reality with no pulse, no heart. why construct something synthetic when the real thing is right here, precious, priceless, free and fleeting fast


  1. soo, i remember you when we were out in zipolite, thisis alex, and we cooked food and such, i do think you remember. but i have a issue that has been driving me crazy, that if i remember correctly and i'm pretty positive, you can answer it. its a song, with a female vocalist, and she sings something about kumbia, or something another. but i remember your friend sending it to you after you had been looking for it and then you found it, i really hope you remember this song.
    email me at
    hope all is well, thank you