Sunday, 23 September 2012

dinner in a motel room

sometimes, when travelling and living out of a van, one can't help but seek the comforts of home. it's nice to enjoy your own shower, room and shitty tv for $35. sometimes (ok always) i even take it so far as to make dinner. the farmer's market in sebastopol was today, so i got a room and cooked up some fresh-picked basil, killer tomatoes and globular cali zuchini. then i tossed in this amazing fresh goat cheese i got from a farmer who was from the south of france, but seemed more spanish somehow. he takes woofers and invited me to come to his farm anytime, which i'm strongly considering. so yeah, veggies, basil chopped up super fine and that goat cheese and i have the best pasta in life. or at least weeks. on the side: fresh sprouts, greens and flowers with lemon cucumber(!), avocado and more of the killer tomato (must find out name). goddamn. thanks, norcal farmers!

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