Friday, 31 August 2012

breakfast in puerto escondido

ok time for another breakfast post. the second breakfast photo took place in oaxaca, in puerto escondido, playa zicatela to be exact- the #2 surfing destination in the world, after somewhere in bali i presume. the waves at playa zicatela were 20-30 feet high, depending on time of day. around 5pm, all the extreme surfers would go out and try not to kill themselves. it was intense. needless to say, i chilled at playa carrizalillo nearby, which was a beautiful calm cove of heaven.

playa carrizalillo

we spent a week in puerto escondido, paying like 10% of the price of a room with outdoor kitchen and beautiful views. many breakfasts were made. 

outdoor kitchen


my favorite was this one, which i had later in chiapas a million times better. bean and cheese tostadas with garnishes and typical mexican soup with corn, sweet poato, onion, cilantro etc. and of course, the ubiquitous fresh fruit. 
breakfast in puerto escondido

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